Investigation of the genetic basis of novel phenotypes linked to welfare, sustainability and efficiency in dairy cattle

Work Packages

WP1 – Project management (leader UNICATT)
The main purposes of this WP are: to ensure that project objectives are achieved on time and to a high quality.
To organise project meetings and prepare their proceedings and the annual and final reports. To keep a record of all project outputs such as publications and IP. To maintain dialogue with other complementary national and international project consortia.

WP2 – Set up of Procedures (Leader UNIMOL)
In this WP will be Identified and optimised the assays of a set of Biomarkers proxy of sustainability traits (stress, CH4 emission, production efficiency, milk quality) to be recorded in large dairy farms.

WP3 – Biomarker and genomic analyses (Leader UNIUD)
In this work package, after the sampling process at the correct locations, specimen will be investigated for stress,  production efficiency, methane emission, and milk fat composition biomarkers identified elsewhere. Genotyping at different resolution will be carried out.

WP4 – Biology (Leader UNIUD)
The purpose of this WP is to deepen the biological understanding of traits investigated by applying -omic technologies to animals having extreme phenotypes at biomarkers investigated.

WP5 – Data analysis (Leader UNITUS)
The main objective of this WP is to achieve the best interpretation of data given the current advances in the statistical and bioinformatics tools.

WP6 – Dissemination (Leader UNICATT)
In this WP will be endured proper flow of information within and outside the project.